Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Man on the wire

Today, while going through a tutorial to improve my English grammatical skills, I was seeing the documentary Man on Wire in chunks. It was after a long time that I was watching a documentary. The act of watching was serving the purpose of providing the much needed rest between sessions of stress. This meant that was much more relaxed while watching the movie, compared to last time when I found the movie a bit slow and had the tendency to fast forward it. While watching in this manner though I found this documentary very interesting.

This documentary is about a tight rope walker who wants to, and ultimately gets to, walk on a rope connecting the twin towers, without anything to save him if he were to fall from the rope. The movie is mainly in English but there are lots of monologues in French so I couldn't understand those parts. I found the movie very interesting and many of the scenes were quite exhilarating for me, more so because I am afraid of heights. The protagonist's passion for the hobby and for the ultimate goal of walking over the towers is well depicted. Even the protagonist's friends who help him arrange the spectacle, which was not easy bu any means and is a major portion of the movie, seem to have a lot of desire for making it happen. They are excited and a little bit concerned at the same time. There are funny little anecdotes interspersed in the movie that make the movie flow effortlessly.

Engineering aspect in the movie is also something that piqued my interest, being an engineer myself. There are a lot of strategic and engineering problems that the team has to solve to make the spectacle possible. They need to reach the top of the towers in a clandestine manner, be able to connect a rope on two ends to the two towers with the capacity of holding the rope walker's weight. All very interesting problems.

I am yet to finish the movie. I am pretty sure I'm going to like the end as well. I expect the final showdown to go down with event but I don't know.